Melbourne chamber-pop


Over the last few years, Melbourne five-piece HANA MARU have been building a reputation as one of the city’s most individual and engaging bands. Able to swing from delicate chamber pop to driving rock-and-roll in a way that recalls Arcade Fire, Feist and Olympia, HANA MARU are transforming into a band like no other.

With cello, violin and keyboards sending their tight pop songs in unexpected directions, there is a sensitivity to the voice of singer Jill Farrar that sets the band apart from Melbourne’s crowded music scene. Members of the band have worked with everyone from The Panics to The Ruby Suns to Björk and slivers of these acts find their way into songs such as last year’s single Whole Heart, which featured on the ABC, and forthcoming single Shit Year.

HANA MARU is singer and songwriter Jill Farrar, violinist Bec Blakeney (Institut Polaire), cellist Gregory Crocetti (Human Six Billion), bassist Andy Hazel (The Paradise Motel, School of Emotional Engineering) and drummer Esala Liyanage (CHWH, Prudence Rees-Lee). 

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Praise for Whole Heart: 
"stunning...incredibly moving" -- Tone Deaf